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About me

A Consultant Clinical Psychologist with many years’ experience.

I work with people who are looking for help with a wide range of difficulties. My approach is trauma informed and relational. Where there is a psychiatric diagnosis, this information will be taken into account where helpful; I view mental distress in terms of what has happened to a person and how they are managing the impact of that, as opposed to in terms of what is wrong with them.

My therapy work is built on an evolving understanding about a person’s difficulties, collaboratively developed within the working relationship. I use evidence based approaches, integrating these to best serve individual need.

I welcome everyone regardless of gender, age, sexuality, faith or cultural background. Please get in touch to arrange a time to discuss your needs and whether we may be able to work together. I am open to discussion about most psychological difficulties and work with both individuals and couples.

Please contact me if you would like a psychological consultation. That is, an appointment or sometimes more than one, to help you better understand what is troubling you and to consider possible ways forward.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss your needs in relation to clinical supervision.

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Psychological Consultation

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Clinical Supervision

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