Client Reviews

(reprinted with permission and anonymised)

Anna supported me to identify the root of my problems and learn how to acknowledge my emotions, a new experience for me. She supported me to learn and implement new strategies. Through therapy I learnt how to look after myself, rather than always trying to problem solve my mood. I found the process uncomfortable at times but the support of Anna allowed me to do this in a way I felt safe.

Now I am finally starting to recognise my own needs and put myself first.

Jess, Suffolk 

I am so much better than I was and I am eternally grateful for your help.

I found the sessions surprisingly calm and yet they allowed all sorts of things to emerge that I had not really thought much about.

The headaches are better too!

David, Shropshire

Before I started my sessions with Anna I felt lost and just wanted someone to talk to.

After every session I feel a penny drop.

Anna has magically managed to help me make sense of my jungle of emotions, reactions and all the elements of me that make me me.

My progress throughout the sessions has been unbelievable as I became more aware of the different parts that make me Harriet, and now see myself in a new, much happier way.

Harriet, Greater Manchester

I felt as if I didn’t fit in and was unwanted and now I realise how important I am.  I am communicating so much more effectively and that has been so helpful.

It’s not just me that’s better after this work, it’s my whole family.

Jackie, Shropshire

The way that Anna worked with me and what she was able to help me see and understand about myself has undoubtedly left an imprint on me, and how I made and make sense of the world around me and my response to this.

As a result of this, I was able to function and make changes that have had a massively positive impact on myself and my life. Anna, my new job was undoubtedly the right move and whilst it may not be my forever job it is where I need to be now.

Thank you Anna for the skilful, empathetic and compassionate way you helped me to navigate through that time, being with me, talking and teaching techniques (which I still use).

Many, many thanks.
Caroline, Greater Manchester

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